Michael Sorbonne Robinson, Sr.


Failure of Fish

Yes, Ma'am, Just Call Me Slim

Four Corners, One Square

Michael S. Robinson is a former business executive, Vietnam Era Army assistant public information officer, political columnist, novelist, and poet. He is a four-time winner of the National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo and has presented his works in over 2,500 performances. Michael did his university undergraduate and graduate studies in journalism, and writing has always been his love. An avid outdoorsman, much of his writing reflects his love of nature. He savors the plentiful national parks and monuments of Utah, the opportunities for skiing and climbing, and the fabulous views from home. His favorite quip--done in response to someone's thanks to some favor he’s done--is "That's the least I could do, and I always try to do the least." His writing is peppered with the same kind of humor that alternately brings happy responses and feigned gagging from friends, his wife Carol, and his 14 grandkids. Michael and Carol are also the proud parents of one mongrel dog, Stroma, a dog who hates being characterized as a "mutt," and carries a printed royal pedigree she bought on the internet!